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My IVF was a success!

I just had a miscarriage and it was my deep desire to have a child. I had my first Vedic Astrology reading with Sanjeev over 2 years now. During the reading we saw that I'm a victim of Black Magic, which is creating a major problem to my fertility. Sanjeev said he might help with this by performing prayers from india for 41 days. After 60 min of my first consultation with sanjeev me and my husband decided to go ahead with the prayers and waited for time. We scheduled an IVF transfer during this time and it was a success! I transferred 1 embryo that took immediately. I had a incredibly easy pregnancy and I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl last month! Sanjeev also told me that Saturn was moving into my house of mothering for a year at exactly the time I was to become a mother—and he was right again. I have recommended Sanjeev to all many friends who all thank me. You will too!
Lori Schieck

Inspirational advice that opens my eyes.

I have seen many people, claiming to be an astrologer. Unfortunately I happen to know how they manipulate things so that makes me more of annoyed than amazed. I could trust only Sanjeev Astrologer. Whatever he predicts, was pure computation and it kept on proving true, one by one. Best part, he talks straight forward to face that's what I respect and like most. Thanks again so much for the wonderful reading and for helping me to see the way ahead a bit more clearly. It was really a pleasure to speak with you and get your feedback. I really value your amazing insights!
Amit Saxena

Namaste Sanjeev ji

Thanks for helping me out and calming me down for better situation. After 6 months of waiting as you said you will be in better situation in July 2016 and guess what it actually worked out for me and things are quite easy for me now. Keep it up. Best Astrologer i experienced in Australia. Thanks again !
Kunal Deshmukh

His insight helped me launch my business.

"I can not find enough words to express how gifted Sanjeev is. Sanjeev has changed my life so tremendously in the months that I have worked with him. Sanjeev is the best astrologer I have met in my life till now. I am really impressed with the way he handles the problems of people. He is much knowledgeable and provides permanent solution to live a tension free way. "Sanjeev knows me better than I know myself. During a very dark time in my life, he knew exactly what I needed to do to turn things around. I will be forever grateful to Sanjeev" All I can say is Thank you for helping me out. A way to go
Paul Anthony
(Small Business Owner)

Reunited with Family.

My family has gone through a number of struggles, which has also been a learning experience for us in a way. It was an emotionally exhausting phase of our life, which made us lose faith in everything. I am sure all of us know understand the importance of a bonding family. Pandit Sanjeev performed very powerful Indian prayers for 2 weeks and that led us all to reunite and be together once again. He has done one of the biggest favours for me, and I cannot forget the beautiful manner in which he handled our situation. I feel thankful to God for sending people like Sanjeev to the world for freeing us from troubles.

I'm Back with my love.

Sanjeev was my only hope during the forlorn times when my boyfriend decided to give up on me. People around me always tried to reassure me and asked me to lose faith said to move on. however, Sanjeev helped me with his astrological proficiencies and helped me reconcile with my love. His excellent assistance helped in clearing out the hurdles in the path of our love and helped us bask in the eternal bliss of love for life. He is truly an expert and has been God sent for me. I value his excellent assistance and vouch for his superb astrological prowess in every way!
Ashley Sharon
(Photographer, Taurus)
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  • pandithsanjeev

    Who Is Sanjeev

    Sanjeev born in India and
    comes from a long generation
    of Brahmin Priests Astrologers.
    Him Knowledge of astrology,
    vedic and tanrik rituals,has
    been handed down to him from
    his learned ancestors...

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    INDIAN Prayers

    Sanjjev has successed so far in
    reunting about 1250 couples
    belonging to different countries.
    Whereever you are in the world.
    Sanjeev can help you ,with doing
    Indian Prayers of God
    & goddess maa Durga..

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    Bring Lover Back

    Sanjeev is the most
    renowned Love Psychic and
    Spirtualist, would give you
    highly satisfactory solultions
    within 9-11 days,Lets that be
    family Aurguments, Love,

    Famous astrologer Pandith Sanjeev